What's really holding you back from earning a higher income?

Chances are it’s not what you think. Discover the truth and Skyrocket your confidence & income


The number one reason why you
aren't enjoying a higher
income is not what you've
been taught to believe

The number one reason you aren't enjoying the income that you deserve has little to do with talent and skill,
(you've got plenty of both) and everything to do with your self-talk.
Sounds strange,but it's true. You see the stories YOU tell yourself determine YOUR results, PERIOD!

Sound Familiar?

"I'll never earn that much"...so you don't.
"I'm a poor money manager"...so you are.
"People won't pay my prices"...so they don't.

These are just a few of what I call, money block. Make no mistake about it.
No matter how successful you are, at one time or another you'll fall into this self-sabotage trap, and the price of admission is high.


..in your business and career

Learn How To

Stop Settling for Less

Skyrocket your Confidence & Income


Finally! Turn Your Money Blocks Around
Grow Your Business AND Your Income!
you'll discover...

How your money belief system is
holding you back-and how to change
these deeply held beliefs once and for all.

Meet Vassienaa

Known as the Self-Talk Guru, I am a speaker and coach focused on helping women to Product the Right Results in business and careers.
Each of us is constantly producting results. A stalled career, decreasing revenue, unstable sales and dysfunctional relationships are all results. But are they the right results? What type of results are you producing? If you are not getting the right results consistently, it is due to your self-talk. That is the root cause, plain and simple.
Having been in personal development for over 15 years and I am obsessed with it. I know the language of your Self-Talk determines the results that you produce, PERIOD! Talent and skill are not enough.
I get it, I am not judging. I used to be the reigning queen of undesirable and inconsistant results.
Yes after starting my first business at the age of 5, being a serial entrepreneur/duelpreneur my entire life, growing my service business to 6 figure first year revenue before thirty during the recession of the 90’s and creating a family with my college sweetheart, I lost it all by my mid thirties when I hit rock bottom.
By applying the techniques of intentional self talk that I now teach in group and one-on-one coaching, I recreated my life and in less than 60 days I was Getting the Right Results. My income and impact skyrocketed. Talent and skill are secondary to your longterm success. This is why my coaching programs focus on you, the client, holistically.

My clients Get Sustainable Results and you can too.